Arturo Varvelli

Arturo Varvelli is ISPI Research Fellow and Head of Terrorism Program. In 2006, he earned a PhD in International History at the University of Milan, where he works as lecturer in History of International Relations. In 2007, he was post-doctoral fellow at CRT Foundation in Turin. He has extensively published (articles and volumes) on Italian-Libyan relations, Libyan domestic and foreign politics, Italian foreign policy in the Middle East and Mediterranean region. He was editor of some Italian on-line newspapers and now he is editor in chief of the on-line newsletter ISPI Dossier providing scenarios on international politics. He is author of three books: ’Italia e l’ascesa di Gheddafi”, BCDe 2009; “Libia. Fine o rinascita di una nazione?” with Karim Mezran, Donzelli 2012;  and “Dopo Gheddafi. Democrazia e petrolio nella nuova Libia”, with Gerardo Pelosi, Fazi 2012